Day Nine: Barstow, California to Los Angeles; More Cold Weather, and Snow (Really? – Late May?!!!); Accumulation on the San Bernardino Mountains; Alternative Route; Reunion; Trip Total: 2384 Miles; Saddle Tramps.

When I woke up in Barstow, I couldn’t believe it when I went outside and it was again cold and rainy. Even the locals I had spoken to about the weather were astonished it wasn’t warm yet. I spoke to some motorbike riders from Montreal who had come through the San Bernardino mountains the previous day and they told me it had been snowing. The ride was treacherous, they said. Well, I’ve experienced enough treachery in my life, and I wasn’t about to ride voluntarily into more. I checked the weather. Sure enough there was a weather advisory about snow accumulation in the mountains. Temperatures were supposed to be in the mid 20’s (-4 Celsius). The Harley Road King Classic I ride is not an “adventure” – off road bike. It’s meant for touring – though I’ve been caught in the snow a few times before. So, I decided to take an alternate route, down Highway 58, which added another 50 or so miles to the trip. I still had to put up with freezing rain, but it was a better choice, even with tucking my gloved hands behind my knees to warm them. After a while I reached Santa Clarita and things started warming up. Eventually, I made it to my daughter and son in law’s apartment. She looked beautiful! They both looked beautiful. Hugs, and finally warmth, all around.

The Next Day: Now we’re waiting for the baby to come. We went to a restaurant today where, rumor has it, if you’re pregnant and eat this special salad, it will kickstart your labor. There were four other heavily pregnant women in the small restaurant!WP_20190523_12_43_59_Pro



Hey, stay tuned to this blog – you can subscribe- and I’ll let you know how things go. At the very least remember: I’VE GOT TO GO BACK TO GEORGIA AT SOME POINT!

What could go wrong?

Thanks for riding along fellow saddle tramp.

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