Stolen! My BMW 1973 R60/5

I’m trying to keep all Zen about this but my BMW was stolen this morning. From the McDonald’s parking lot here in Rome, Georgia! Anyway, it’s a very unusual looking bike so it can be easily identified. Not that I expect my viewers in Brazil, Myanmar, or the UK to be on the lookout. (But do keep an eye open!)

I’m just glad I still have my Harley, Big Red.

Traveling mercies to you.




2 thoughts on “Stolen! My BMW 1973 R60/5

  1. So sad to hear someone stole the BMW. Did they ride it away or load it on a truck? What a terrible injustice. I hope you filed a police report. Since you were at McDonalds, you might want to check on the whereabouts of the Hamburgler. He’s a shady bastard!

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