Day 6: El Segundo! 2318 miles, trip total. Reunion.

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Leaving yesterday from Barstow, I started out by having to fix the bike’s windscreen which had blown loose in the heavy winds. Riding, the winds were rough but manageable. I did about 35 miles before stopping at Victorville, California. It was in this city four years ago that the bike broke down, beginning the saga of the stuck shifter shaft and the leaking shifter shaft seal. (I kid you not! Try and say that 3 times really fast.) El Jefe and I had to put up overnight to have the bike repaired.
This time I stopped to get coffee at Starbucks and then did a quick walk through of the Harley shop.
Leaving, the sky was cerulean and I could see the San Bernardino mountains with low lying wispy clouds at its base, and snow at its crest. About 5 minutes later the temperature had dropped, it was cold, and I was riding through the clouds going over the summit at around 5000 feet. I could hardly see anything, it was so thick.
Then I hit the labyrinth of interstates and freeways that is LA. Nightmare. Not much sense using the heavy occupancy lane if a guy gets on your tail doing 80 mph. I kept consulting my hand- written notes (attached to a small see through bag on my gas tank) and somehow managed to find the routes to my son’s apartment in El Segundo. Wow, was I happy to see him, and my daughter who stopped by later! I needed those hugs! Thank God.
Now, I’ll be here in California for a while and will probably take a break from writing in the blog until I have a few more adventures to retell. Thanks for riding along with me. Stay tuned.

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