Day 5: Ludlow, California

It’s been a good ride so far with one exception. A few miles back I was passing a truck, doing about 75 mph and there was a car a good ways back in the left lane. I assumed they’d slow if they needed to but they kept coming. I’d guess they were doing about 90 mph. They kept coming at the same speed and ran up about 10 yards behind me before they slowed. Meanwhile, I gunned the bike to about 80 and got back in the right lane while they zoomed past. Scared the bejesus out of me. So, I decided I’d take the next service exit, which was Ludlow.
I’ve always liked the name Ludlow. It’s mentioned in one of my favorite poems:
Terence, this is stupid stuff, by A.E. Housman
I particularly liked a few lines that I memorized years ago:
“Oh I have been to Ludlow fair
And left my necktie God knows where,
And carried half way home, or near,
Pints and quarts of Ludlow beer:
Then the world seemed none so bad,
And I myself a sterling lad;
And down in lovely muck I’ve lain,
Happy till I woke again.”
I couldn’t find Ludlow Fair at this exit but I did find a Dairy Queen and a biker gang who’s colors were:
Old coots on scoots.
They were a tough, mangy looking group, old as the hills like me, probably 15 bikes – Slingshots, Harleys, three wheelers and Indians. I waved as they left.
I decided not to try going to LA tonight as my son would be at work. So I’m heading to Barstow. Let’s see what excitement awaits!

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