In Search of Hula Girl, Adventures in Motorcycling.


Hula Girl with baby Jesus behind her.

In my last blog I wrote about one of the staff at the Harley dealership accidentally breaking my hula girl which I keep on the fork cover in front of me as I ride. Two days ago I secured a replacement hula girl and attached her to the same spot. I think this is the sixth one I’ve owned. Today, on one of those rare winter days when the weather was good enough to ride, I headed the bike in the direction of Dalton, Georgia where I work. Roughly 50 miles. A short distance down the road I noticed hula girl was missing! I hadn’t remembered seeing her when I left. I imagined she’d fallen off somewhere. After work I headed home. The roads were slippery because it had rained and because there was a lot of gravel on the roads, I guess because of the recent snow. We southerners are a mess when it snows. Since were not used to it we get all flustered and throw anything on the ground for traction. I think I saw some fruitcakes on the road the other day. Anyway, taking the exit into Calhoun I hit a big bump and then heard the sound of something falling from the bike. I looked behind me and saw a figure in the road and realized that it was probably my hula girl. She must have fallen into some spot on the bike where I couldn’t see her and had now become dislodged. By the time I realized this I was too far up the exit to stop and walk back so I decided I would go back on the interstate to the previous exit, do a U turn and come back to the exit where she’d fallen off. At this point you might be thinking: He’s going to a lot of trouble just to pick up a $4 hula girl? But I want to assure you that I would act the same regardless of what kind of girl had fallen off my bike. I don’t discriminate and besides, there’s such a thing as loyalty. Alas, when I returned I scoured the road and couldn’t find hula girl anywhere. I like to think that some kind driver saw her stranded there and picked her up. That they will tend to her wounds and provide her with a good home. I believe there are still good people like that in this world.

As for me, fortunately, I have another hula girl at home. I try to stay prepared for such emergencies. Hula girls always remind me to not take things too seriously, especially myself.

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