What’s Your Dream? Part 2: Cultivating Loving Kindness; Kierkegaard, Unicorns and Olaf from Frozen.

In my last blog I mentioned being asked by an eight year girl what my dream was. On my 800 mile roundtrip to Destin, Florida recently I had a lot of time to think about that. I already have everything I want and I don’t need any more possessions. There’s no specific place I’m dying to go to. I’m content to just ride and discover. I’m happy with my job and they seem reasonably happy with me. I’d like to spend more time with my family, but they’re so far away right now. So what’s my dream?

The only dream I could come up with had to do with the kind of person I want to be. Most of the time I have a hard time living out my spiritual beliefs. Isn’t that what life should really be about? Kierkegaard says that our problem is that we live backwards. We see relative things (cars, houses, jobs, vacations, money, the sports teams we support, the political candidates we vote for, etc.) as being of absolute importance to us and we see and act like things that are of absolute importance (God, our moral values, our spirituality, love and compassion for others, the meaning of life etc.) as only of relative importance. He says that we need to reverse this: we need to relate absolutely to the absolute and only relatively to the relative. To me, this means that my dream centers around being a less judgmental and a more loving and compassionate person to absolutely everyone (without exception) that I meet. Trust me, I’m not giving up my enjoyment of the relative: a great motorcycle, Georgia football, friends, drinks and kisses, but I need to keep them in perspective – they’re only of relative importance.

This week I managed to run into my little Latino friend who’s about 8 years old and who goes to the same free meal program I go to. After we had talked awhile I asked her what her dreams were. She told me that she loved unicorns because they were so beautiful and magical. She also said that she wanted to be  Olaf from Frozen. I had to look him up. Olaf is apparently a friendly snowman who loves hugs and who’s innocent, outgoing and kindhearted. Olaf actually seemed a lot like the young girl before me who just bubbled with happiness and warmth.

So my dream is to be more compassionate and loving, and hers is to be Olaf, the kindhearted snowman. In a wacky way maybe our dreams are not that much different?

Anyway, what are your dreams?

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Dream? Part 2: Cultivating Loving Kindness; Kierkegaard, Unicorns and Olaf from Frozen.

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