Reflections on my 9000 Mile (over 14,000 Kilometers) Motorcycle Trip; Trip and Blog: Ends, Odds and In-Between

When writing a blog on the road there’s only so much time to report everything of significance that happens. Plus, some things can be a bit embarrassing – like when I ran out of gas on the Trans-Canada highway. It did result in some profound advice I can pass on to future motorists: Don’t run out of gas on the Trans-Canada Highway.

  • Alaska was the 50th state I’ve visited. We didn’t howdy at each other for long but we left on speaking terms.
  • During the trip the blog surpassed 10,000 hits. I prefer gentle taps but I guess hits is all I get. I want to acknowledge my buddy Jeff Stafford who contributed to this blog in its early stages.
  • I almost dropped the bike three times. That was not fun.
  • We have had visitors from 94 countries to this blog and from all 50 states. We have over 569 followers (not including our Facebook readers).
  • My bike mpg ranged from 35-42.
  • Things I lost: Phone charger, pair of short sleeve riding gloves, small notebook with some writing in it.
  • By far the best and cheapest place to stop and refresh and get on the internet was McDonalds. And you meet a lot of locals who are not in a rush, if the place is off the interstate.
  • Best Chimichanga: Hammer’s Bar and Restaurant in Bartonville, Illinois.
  • Worst roads: Illinois.
  • Best breakfast: Tie; TJ’s café in Port Orford, Oregon and Black Bear Diner in St George, Utah.
  • Best motels/places I stayed: Ashore in Seaside, Oregon and Georgetown Inn in Canmore, BC.
  • Most exciting event: seeing my friend Kathy, twice.
  • Best place to cool down: Beer Caves – but they will charge you rent if you stay too long inside them.
  • Biggest mess: Bottle of beer blew up in my saddlebag.
  • Most beautiful rides: The section from Canmore, BC to Banff to the Saskatchewan River Crossing. The huge snow-riddled Rocky Mountains were looming on both sides of the road for a hundred miles. The piercing freshness of the freezing air was exhilarating. The scent of the fir trees, the gorgeous white birches, the trembling of the leaves on the quaking aspen, and the sheer silence, all combined to make the place feel serene, magical and sacred. It’s not often I feel in awe but I was on that ride. Next, was the Pacific Coast Highway in California and the third was Hwy 50 through the Colorado mountains.
  • Most depressing sights: Seeing all the mentally ill and homeless people wandering the streets while we all look away.
  • Hottest ride: Getting to and from Baker, California – 114 degrees F.
  • Worst unmarked dangerous road construction – McPherson, Kansas entering 135. A deep hole nearly threw me off the bike.
  • Cheapest motel: Virgin River Casino – $22 plus tax, Mesquite, Nevada.
  • Best idea: White- lining on California Highways.
  • Best Lager at a microbrewery: Skagit River Brewery –Del Rio Lager, Mount Vernon, Washington.
  • Best food at a microbrewery: Golden Road Brewery in Glendale, California (also a great beer- 329 Lager)
  • Other great breweries: Libertine Pub Morro Bay, California, Jasper Brewery, Jasper, Alberta, Peoria Brewing Company (Most fun) and Mr. Grumpy Pants Brewing Company, Ouray, Colorado (Okay, so I like beer).
  • Most common store seen: Versions of Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family tree – I give up.
  • Favorite people I saw along the way: Nick and Donna Ellig, Bryan and Jean Quigley, Kevin Grigsby, two of my kids- Hannah and Colin and my great son in law Bill, and my old buddy, David Norlin. And Kathy, of course.

That’s going to wind up the report on this trip. Hope you enjoyed riding along. I’ll have more stories to tell so please click the “Follow” button on the blog if you already haven’t.


I remembered two quotes that I thought about during the trip. One you may know: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” (Socrates). And another one, you might not know: “The unlived life is not worth examining.” (Kopp). Think about it.


Make some great joyful adventures!

Safe riding.

3 thoughts on “Reflections on my 9000 Mile (over 14,000 Kilometers) Motorcycle Trip; Trip and Blog: Ends, Odds and In-Between

  1. I started following along late, but I’ve been so glad to catch up with you. You inspire me. Great list of superlatives from your trip. Only three things lost? Impressive. I can do that on a trip to the grocery store.

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