My Hero, Mentor and Riding Buddy; Jeff “el Jefe”


He’ll be embarrassed by this post but what the hell: I love this guy! If it wasn’t for Jeff I wouldn’t have started riding motorcycles again (after the usual hiatus caused by marriage, children , moving to another country, etc.), wouldn’t have Big Red, wouldn’t have taken my first cross country trip (with him) and wouldn’t have started this blog. (We got our highest number of hits when he wrote for it -he’s doing other writing now.)

I’ve known Jeff since 1978 when we both worked (emphasis on ‘worked’) at an inpatient psychiatric facility together and we’ve been friends ever since. He’s supported me through some rough times over the years. I probably wouldn’t have the tenuous sanity that I do have if it hadn’t been for his advice, and occasional kick in the a**. We met today at our usual restaurant Wes Man’s, a funky meat and three vegetable place, in White, Georgia to do a post mortem on the trip and to talk about future motorcycle adventures. As usual, when he couldn’t decide on what to order I told the waitress that he was just out of prison and wasn’t used to so many choices.

So we caught up on things with his life and mine and it was like the last part of my trip had finally ended. We had met here at Wes Mans before I left and now I had come full circle. Thanks Jeff. I love you buddy and cherish your friendship. If you don’t have a buddy like Jeff, find one. If you can’t find one, be one.

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