Day 33: Brookfield, Missouri; How Hot is it?; Heading to Hannibal; Stinky Pete; Sending Blessings.

I’ll confess I’m Stinky Pete. Too much sweating today. It’s just so damn hot on the bike. Not as hot as it was when I was riding in California and Utah the other day and it got up to 114 (45 Celsius)! I remember that day well because I kept seeing short men marrying tall women just for the shade. The cows were giving evaporated milk. It was so hot that as I drove down the interstate I could watch the corn popping in the fields. Well, you get the idea. Besides the heat itself the other problem on hot days are tar snakes – the black tar lines on the road that they used to patch it. It becomes slippery in severe heat and you can feel your wheel slide on it. You also have to be careful parking the bike because the kickstand can sink into the tar. Some bikers bring a small flat piece of wood to put under the kickstand and use it in any unsteady ground conditions.

I’m heading to Hannibal, Missouri for tonight. About another 100 miles. That’ll leave me with only 175 miles to get to Peoria tomorrow. Should get there in time to watch the USA soccer game tonight. Unfortunately, Northern Ireland lost this morning but Ireland plays tomorrow.

I’m cruising Hwy 36 the rest of the way in. Not much to do but just enjoy looking at the cornfields rolling by and watching out for deer. Thinking of my great friend Corinna who’s getting married today and wishing her and Michael blessings. Praying for old girlfriends and family and friends. Hey, I got a lotta time. There’s so much to be thankful for when you just slow down, stop worrying about time and destinations, what you have and don’t have and simply appreciate the preciousness of each moment.

What do you have to be grateful for? Who do you want to thank?

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