Day 32: Got the Hell Out of Dodge; Lost Getting to Lindsborg, Kansas – Little Sweden USA; Meeting an Old Friend; Topeka

WP_20160624_18_21_14_ProI thought getting from Dodge City Kansas to Lindsborg would be a piece of cake. 150 miles. I wrote down the route numbers, put the paper in my see-through magnetic bag on my gas tank and headed out happily. Then proceeded to get lost. Took me about 200 miles to get to there but I made it! Last time I set foot in that town was 34 years ago. The highlight of the day, and the purpose for going there, was meeting up with my old buddy David Norlin, in Lindsborg. David helped me get my first social work teaching job at Bethany College in 1981. (Yes, I’m old!) I taught with him there for a year. David and his family made the town and my time there magical, one of my all time favorite memories. He showed me my old house and the college and toured the town, especially good was having a beer in the old bar, the Stuga. Those were some wild, wonderful times. We caught up on events, our kids, former faculty and former students. I’ve always admired and respected David. A man of humor and great integrity. We kept in contact for years but then lost touch when I moved to Northern Ireland.

Pecos Bill never showed up to give us a lift today and so Big Red and I hightailed it to Topeka to get at least another 100 miles under our belt. Now 450 miles to go to get to my next major destination. Then we’ll see how things plays in Peoria.

Updated Travel Map:


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