Day 31: From Pueblo, Colorado to Dodge City, Kansas; Random and Unruly Thoughts; Pecos Bill.

Random and unruly thoughts occur to every motorcycle rider on a long trip, especially if they aren’t listening to music. I ride in silence and while it’s wonderful it has it’s drawbacks. Here are some of my thoughts.

Every small town wants to be liked. The local people are proud of it and well they should be. They want you to know it. For example:

Ouray, Colorado was the home of baseball great Smoky Joe Wood. Also, it’s where you can find Mr. Grumpy Pants Brewing Company.

Rocky Ford calls itself the dove hunting capital of Colorado.

Syracuse, Colorado is proud to announce that it had the USA’s first all women city council.

Dodge City is famous for Boot Hill Cemetery, Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp and his pals.

What did I see while riding Highway 50 in eastern Colorado and western Kansas? Well, they appear to be good at raising cattle, and growing wheat, corn, community colleges and correctional facilities. And you can usually tell you’re coming into a town when you see tall grain bins, silos, elevators and water towers. The fields are nurtured by the irrigation water wheels and towering above the landscape are wind farms, their blades moving like the arms of synchronized swimmers. Cottonwood trees grow wild and you cross the Arkansas River so many times you’ll think you’re in a Twilight Zone episode. But it is beautiful.

I love gas (petrol) stations where I can throw my helmet into the ice container outside and then hang out in their beer cave until I’m asked to leave.

I love riding without a helmet, with just a do-rag covering my head, even though it’s not safe.

I think a lot about the women I’ve been fortunate enough to love. And the one I still hope to love.

I think about the time a few years ago when going cross country on my bike I ran into Pecos Bill and he lassoed a tornado and taught me how to ride it.

You can miss company when you’re on a solo bike trip. For example, I passed a Jellystone Camping Park and foundWP_20160623_17_43_38_Pro myself doing imitations of Yogi and Boo Boo.

I’m tired so I have to stop now. Besides, I’m meeting up with Pecos Bill in the morning.

Updated Map:


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