Day 24 Continued: San Jose to Morrow Bay; 200 miles on Curvy Roads, but no Wind!

Day 24 Continued: San Jose to Morrow Bay; 200 miles on Curvy Roads, but no Wind!

Another beautiful ride down the Pacific Coast Highway, Highway 1. I’m inserting a photo to show you an example of the view.WP_20160601_14_59_01_Pro

The days on the road caught up with me today. Thank God there were no winds but there were curves and plenty of them. Sharp ones, one after another for miles. Some with 15 mph limits, which gives you an idea of how tight they were. Normally, this is not a problem but after 23 days on the road, my arms, particularly my left one, were hurting. I’d had problems with my left arm before I left on this trip but the ride has only exacerbated it. So I didn’t make that many miles today. 200 today and 200 to go to LA.

At times, the road and the landscape were covered by a sharply cool mist rising from the water and climbing the mountains. The air was so pure!

Big Red and I ended up in a nice inexpensive motel in the town of Morro Bay. I like this place. I walked down to the shore past the many docks with moored boats, various shops and restaurants and hunkered down at the Libertine Pub and Brewery. Nice little comfortably eccentric place that had windows overlooking the sea and a three piece band playing.

Barking constantly in the water there were tons of seals and a huge Gibraltar- like stone rising up in the bay and crowned with sea mist. Time to sleep now, perchance to dream.

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