Day 23 Continued: Rode Through a Tree; Cramps and Coincidences.


That’s me and Big Red riding through a redwood tree!

Day 23 Continued: Rode Through a Tree; Cramps and Coincidences.

I’m in Willits, California now, about 140 miles from the Harley shop I was at this morning. The woman at the shop advised me to take the Avenue of the Giants, a highway that goes through the beautiful redwood forest. It was magnificent. I stopped at the tree you can drive through and a lady asked could she take my photo for me. I thanked her. Afterwards, I told her, noticing her Florida State t-shirt, that I had gone to school there. Then she told me she and her husband now lived in Gainesville, Florida. I told her that I had worked at the VA in Gainesville for a while. “Where do you live now?” She asked. “Rome, Georgia,” I replied. “My husband went to Shorter College in Rome!” So we chatted about the town. Meanwhile, a Chinese man was admiring my bike. “Want to get a picture of you sitting on it?” I asked. “No,” he replied but he would like a picture of the two of us in front of the bike. I was happy to do this. Turned out he was a minister in Berkeley and had come from Hong Kong. I told him I had spent a summer teaching in Hong Kong. Coincidences? Fate? Like the wonderful woman I met in Peoria? Oops. Or is coincidence, as someone has said, just God’s way of remaining anonymous?

When I left Arcata it was cool. Now in Willits it’s 87 degrees (30 degrees Celsius).  On the ride through the redwood forest my right hand started cramping up and then my left hand did as well. Not easy to ride with cramping hands. So after a few miles I stopped for a drink. I’ve had this happen before but seldom both hands. Usually, it’s just my right, which controls the throttle, the speed. I can sometimes set the cruise control and drive with one hand, but not on winding roads.

So anyway, I’m fine now and heading toward San Francisco!

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