Day 16: Quesnel to Hope, BC; I had to stay in a town named Hope! Big Red Gets Bumped. Random Thoughts.

Day 16: Quesnel to Hope, BC; I had to stay in a town named Hope! Big Red Gets Bumped. Random Thoughts.

Updated Map:

Crazy day. Started well with warm weather in Quesnel. Had coffee and breakfast and hit the road. Not much of a challenging route today, I thought. Highway 97 and then Highway 1 for farther than we could possibly go today. Heading down 97 the first thing that hit me, literally, were all the seeds from the cottonwood trees, floating all over the place like lost snowflakes.

After an hour of riding I stopped at McDonalds. I’d been meditating and my mind was thinking: Be kind and compassionate to everyone I meet. Problem was, that I didn’t like the looks of these guys hanging out by a car near where I parked. I kept my eye on them. Quickly, I realized that I was suspicious for no actual reason at all, other than my bias at how they looked.  So I went over and talked with them. Meanwhile, a truck backed up into Big Red and broke her tail light. The guy was apologetic, offered to pay, but I said, ‘accidents happen’. We shook hands and he walked off. This is one of the reasons why God made Gorilla Tape. I taped up Big Red and we headed out.

When I looked at the roadway signs for a place to stop for the night I noticed a town called ‘Hope’. It’s mentioned in two of my novels! Plus, I’m a sucker for omens, so I decided to head there.

The ride there was incredible. Back up into the mountains, a river running alongside the road, the smell of wood fires, and watching trains pulling cars of coal. But the problem was that the temperature dropped and cross winds took over and Big Red and I were knocked around like ping pong ball. I was freezing but managed to get to the town of Hope. It’s a town we all aim for. How many of us take the effort to visit?

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