Day 15: Quesnel, BC. 342 Miles today; 2 Bears; Scenery and scent.

Day 15: Quesnel, BC. 342 Miles today; 2 Bears; Scenery and Scent.

I appreciate all of the people who are following my blog and I hope to continue to keep you entertained.

Yesterday’s ride to Hyder, Alaska was amazing. So beautiful, with the mountains so close and a river running alongside the road. Yesterday’s blog photo showed Big Red parked in front of one of the more typical views. I’ve been trying to get Big Red to take a photo of me but she just ignores me.

Today, I was backtracking my way to Prince George and so I decided to concentrate more on trying to describe the scenery in my own mind.

Sure you can see photos of the route but I thought I’d try and describe some of what I saw on today’s journey. I’m not great at descriptions but here goes:

First, imagine a bright green grassy field filled with thousands of yellow dandelions. Beyond the field are dark green (kind of a Zorro green) fir trees and pale green aspen and silver birches. Beyond that is a blue/green lake. In the distance are these huge mountains, sort of a pale obsidian blue, and the snowy caps are illuminated brightly, like clouds in a cathedral ceiling. Further down the road I look at the mountains again. This time they’re heather colored. The sunlight on the tops has veiled itself. Closer in, the shadowed fir trees look like sentinels standing at attention.

Later, the mountains have hidden themselves and I have a race past the groves of silver birches. There’s a princess running in the tress, playing hide and seek with me as I ride.

The road is mostly smooth but sometimes bumpy and I have to slalom around the rough spots. Other times I hit them, bounce and say something I can’t repeat here. Gravel, here and there and the eternal recurrence of road construction that Nietzsche and Carl Jung warned us against.

Later, I was overwhelmed by the healing fragrance of the fir trees and the earthy scent coming from the lumber yards.

Only saw two bears today. A black one running along the side of the road and a brown bear that started to cross the road, saw me, whipped itself around and ran off into the woods. I get that a lot.

Right now, I’m in an interesting dive motel, with a lot of character. I’m sipping on an 18 Karat Ale brewed here in Quesnel and watching the end of one of my favorite baseball films: The Natural.

Hope you are riding safely through this beautiful world of ours.

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