Day 15: Where to Now?

Day 15: Where to Now?

Getting to Alaska was only my first goal of this trip. The next part is to ride down to LA to visit my daughter, son and son-in-law. To achieve that I’ve got to travel roughly 2000 more miles (3200 kms) which will take me another 6-7 days, depending on what happens. And this journey has to be about what happens or it’s no journey at all. Robert Louis Stevenson said: To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive. I believe that boy was onto something. Still, I’m not sure about the ‘hopeful’ bit. If it’s hope in the sense that something better is coming then it would mean you’re living for the future. If it’s ‘hopefully’, in that you believe you have to ride in the present, appreciate every moment, trust in your ‘higher power’ (Seriously? Who wants to trust in a lower power?) then I’m with that great creator of Treasure Island. Trusting your higher power, as Jean-Pierre de Caussade wrote in his book Abandonment to Divine Providence, is the only way to ride through life. Of course, it does help to have a fistful of American and Canadian Dollars with you too!

So, I’m getting ready to continue this journey with an idea of my destination in mind, but no sure plans as to my route. Just going to try and trust in being guided, someway, somehow. It’s the letting go that’s the challenge.

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