Day 13: New Hazelton, BC. 280 miles today. Only 161 miles to Hyder, Alaska! Bears sighted.

Day 13: New Hazelton, BC. 280 miles today. Only 161 miles to Hyder, Alaska! Bears sighted.

I’m sitting outside my motel room at the Robber’s Roost, drinking a beer called Pilsner, smoking a Dunhill cigar and staring across the street at some snowcapped mountains. It’s 70 degrees, 21 Celsius. Can’t believe I’m this close to Alaska.

Had to say goodbye to my good buddy Kevin today. He needed to head back to Calgary and eventually back to work. It was great having him to pal around with! A great friend who is now hunkering down in Canmore probably talking to the woman from Slovakia that we met.

This morning when I left Prince George it was not much above freezing. The ride to the town of Houston was cold, cloudy, slightly interesting but when I got to Houston everything lit up: the sky, my mood, the weather. The mountains reappeared, with a river running alongside the town and it was beautiful. The town was had some nice parks, shops, restaurants, pubs, places filled with opportunities for outdoor activities. The same for cute little towns like Telkwa and Smitters that we passed through. If I had to live up here, I’d choose one of these towns. Morice mountain and the Telkwa Range you could see as you drove along. Snow caked the top like frosting a child hadn’t scrapped off yet. Though the signs warned of moose, caribou and black bear in the area I only saw the bears a few times by the side of the road. And we’re not talking Yogi and Boo Boo either.

So far Big Red and I have traveled 3423 miles, just over 5500 kilometers. Only 161 miles ( 259 Kilometers) to go. Then what?

Then we head down the west coast of Canada toward LA where my son, daughter and son-in law live. Can’t wait to see them. But that will be another 2100 miles (3400 Kilometers). Piece of cake. We got this one.

Map update:

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