Day 11 Update: Snow and Subfreezing Temperatures.

Big Red and I didn’t get far this morning. It was a miserable ride. When we left Jasper the temperature was in the 40’s but then fell along the way to 37 (3 Celsius). And it started pouring. My feet were soaked, my hands freezing and I had to squint to see through my glasses, my visor and the rain splattered windscreen. Made it hard to see any potholes but I did spot one bear by the side of the road! We made it about 50 miles to Hinton where I knew I had to stop. The temperature was dropping further; the weather only getting worse. Had hoped to make it to Dawson Creek today but it would have been snowing there before we would’ve arrived. So we’re going to hunker down here tonight. We may have to backtrack to Jasper tomorrow and take a different route. There are just so many roads to Alaska, but I’m going to try them all if I have to.

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