Day 10: Leaving Canmore, BC; Slight Mishap Yesterday, Met up with a Buddy.

Yesterday I drove from Medicine Hat and met my buddy Kevin at the Canadian Olympic Park in Calgary. We watched the figure skaters practice on the ice rink and then headed here to Canmore.

Leaving Medicine Hat I made a mistake on a crazy road layout and turned into the wrong lane. I had to do a quick turnaround, braked, slid into a low wall, damaged my foot rest plate, but managed not to drop the bike. (My buddy Jeff says it’s important to “look cool”.) I pulled onto a side road and the bike looked fine. Used some gorilla tape and taped up the footrest and headed out. But it rattled me. I got away lucky. I need to be more careful. Leaving Calgary we rode through the magnificent Alberta Rocky Mountains. The mountains were rocky with a pale gray and green color. Snow still covered a number of the peaks. We stayed at an old rustic hotel, the Georgetown Inn and wandered into town and found a good microbrewery. But I was knackered (as they say in Ireland and the UK) and was asleep before 9:30.

Heading out toward Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper now. Ride safe friends!

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