Day 8 Update: Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada; Nap time, Ice Cream

That’s the name of the town I’m in as I write. About thirty miles back an idea popped into my head and wouldn’t go away. It shouted: I want ice cream! So I had to stop and get some. I’ve been on the TransCanada Highway (Hwy 1) all day. I have over 200 miles under my belt and the weather has been warm. It’s been great. Folks walking around in tee shirts and shorts. I thought I’d seen flat landscape before but some of the areas that I’ve ridden through today take the cake. (win). You look out as far as you can see in any direction and all you see are flat, plowed fields, grain silos and elevators on the horizon, a few ponds with copses of trees around them. Reminded me a lot of Kansas. When I first came into Canada the fields were interspersed with pumpjacks or nodding donkeys as they are sometimes called, pumping the oil out of the ground. I call them one armed bandits.

Later, the scenery changed to rolling hills, ponds, lakes, and grazing fields. So many different kinds of birds.

Then I started getting sleepy. Sounds weird but it is just as easy to fall asleep while riding a motorcycle as it is driving a car. I had to stop. I found a little rest area at Chaplin Lake, parked Big Red and fell asleep under some trees for about 45 minutes. What else can you do? When I woke up I toured the little museum which talked about the wetlands, the migratory birds, and all the sodium sulphate in the area. (It looks like white and brownish snow smushed up by a snow plow.)

No major problems today so far. Just a crampy right hand occasionally (hand that controls the throttle) and a few bad side roads. Dirt and loose gravel and potholes the size of Brooklyn.

Hope you are riding safe today. Check in later.

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