Day 7: 1961 Miles (3155 Kilometers); Weyburn, Canada; They Let Me in! North Dakota.

A friend asked for a map of my travels and here’s one so far: (Hope it works.)

Thus far I’ve come 1961 miles (3155 Kilometers). I was overzealous this morning – it was actually 60 degrees (15 Celsius) not 70 as I stated earlier. I only had the wind to contend with today and it was at least merciful. It blew me around some but nothing serious. I passed rolling grasslands, herds of buffalo and nice respectful deer that kept their distance. The highlight of the day was visiting with my friends Bryan and Jean Quigley in Kenmare, North Dakota. I love it that after driving all this distance from Georgia towards Canada I happened to be on the exact road they lived on. Bryan was my student when I taught social work at Concordia College back in 1983-85. Jean was his soon to be wife and soon to be owner of her own day care center.

Boy, they hadn’t changed a bit! Bryan has been director of the county social services for quite a few years and regaled me with some of his successful child protection stories (and a few strange ones!)They filled me in on events of the last 30 years.

After touring their yard I got to sign a couple of copies they had bought of my novels.

Then they tried to give me directions to the Canadian border. I told them that, yeah, I do get lost a lot but even I can’t miss Canada!

I was so pleased that Canada let me in! Thank you Canada!

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