Day 6 Continued: Warmer but Windier; Jamestown, North Dakota

It was freezing again when I left Alexandria this morning and it took me 2 hours to do the 100 miles to Fargo. By far one of the highlights of the trip so far (not counting Peoria!) was meeting up with my old friends Nick and Donna Ellig in Fargo. Nick teaches at Concordia College and we were all friends when I taught there for two years, back in 1984. I hadn’t seen them in about 30 years! We met at the Harley dealership (where else?) where I was trying to find some warmer stuff. They looked great and filled me in on some things that had happened over the years.

It was amazing to see them and to recall the memories of those days. Nick and Donna were still as wonderful as I had remembered them to be. I hated it that our visit couldn’t have lasted longer but I had a few miles to make up. Thank y’all so much for meeting me!

I also really wish that I’d had time to visit the Dorothy Day House of Hospitality, where I’d volunteered during its first two years of existence. That house for the homeless, and the people who worked there taught me the real meaning of loving the stranger, and in seeing God in everyone we meet. Lessons I’m still working on.

It’s now 54 degrees. Much, much better than the 34 degrees when I left Alexandria this morning. I’ve got 210 miles under my belt and want to try for another 100 today. The wind though has been gusting into the 20’s. So I’m either leaning at an angle of about 20 degrees trying to tack into the constant wind, or I’m being slapped around by sudden gusts that act like high school bullies.

Not sure how far Big Red and I will get tonight but we’re hanging in there.

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