Spring Tune-ups; Getting Ready for Alaska

Both Big Red and I have had check-ups and tune-ups lately. Big Red is running beautifully and is all ready for the trip to Alaska. Me, not so much. The doc has a few things he has yet to figure out about me before I’ll be ready to go. (And this isn’t the psychiatrist, although…) But I’m still going. And it’s also looking good that my old college buddy, Kevin Grigsby, will be meeting me in Fargo, North Dakota and riding with me (he, in a car) the rest of the way up to Alaska. I plan to spend some time in Fargo tracking down old friends and visiting the Dorothy Day House in Moorhead, where I volunteered. I lived and taught at a college there for two years.
It’s hard to explain to people that have never ridden a motorcycle, how exhilarating it is when you get out on the open road. I have to take I-75 to work each week and it’s so tempting to just skip the exit and keep on going. Especially when Spring welcomes you with its sudden warmth and beauty. Here, in Georgia, temperatures have been in the 60-80’s the last few weeks. The roadsides are glowing with the lavender/purple flowers of the rosebuds, the brilliant white of the pear trees, the yellow glowing forsythia, the merlot colored red maples, and the snowy pink of the cherry trees.
When I was down in Savannah, Georgia recently, the beautiful scarlet, lilac and fuscia colored azaleas were blooming, along with the camellias. The ride from Savannah to Tybee, along the palm tree lined road, through the tidal marsh and wetlands, filled with green and copper marsh grass, feeling the sun on my face, was actually thrilling.
Traveling alone, off the beaten track, you meet a lot of people. This time I met a real estate tycoon, a man traveling around the country building gas stations, a red headed nurse, a Japanese woman recovering from a stroke, and a lively, fascinating woman who had a live macaw on her shoulder. I was lucky that they shared with me their stories. Certainly enriches me.
Right now I’m sitting down by the Oostanaula River in Rome, watching it flow. In the last few days I finished up the first draft of my latest novel so I can now take a break from it, come back to this blog and the planning for the Alaska trip. I missed this blog!
Winter is a season when deep in the soul a voice can whisper: Maybe I’d better not. The eruption of warmth and life in Spring signals to us: Maybe I can. I believe you will. I hope Spring is treating you kindly wherever you are and that beautiful, sacred flowers are blooming in your heart.
Ride safely.

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