6025 blog hits, from all 50 states and 89 countries from around the world (where else would they be from around?), 508 followers and we’re still growing!

Actually, now I don’t know what else to write. That’s just about all I had to say. I should have led with something mysterious, intriguing, like: “New Milestones Reached!’ Looking at the statistics the thing that surprises me is that the largest number of hits outside the USA have come from Brazil! We’re big in Brazil! Thank you Brazil. United Kingdom-England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland come second, followed by Italy and Ireland!
The last countries on the list are:
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
And Macedonia.

This has been fun and we hope you have enjoyed the blog so far. We’re not finished. Already in the works is a trip to Alaska for next summer. Sign up to follow the blog and they’ll email you when new posts come out (They don’t send any other stuff.). Tell your friends! Especially if they live in Brazil and Macedonia!

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