A Periwinkle Blue Sky and a Magical Ride on the Harley

It had been over a month since I last rode Big Red, my 2004 Harley Road King. The weather today soared to the high 50’s and the sky was periwinkle blue. The feeling of being back on the bike again was magical: the wind, the staccato sound of the exhausts, the leaning into the curves and the sheer power when we accelerated. I had an incredible feeling of freedom and a hint of more adventures waiting out there for me. I felt ready to hit the road again, to keep on going. The past two years I’ve ridden across the country and back. I got lost a lot; last year I crossed the Mississippi five times when one would have been enough. But I also got found a lot and met some amazing people who enriched me with their presence and their stories. When you get right down to it most people’s stories are about losing something/someone or finding something/someone. And it is our soul that stores all the lost and found parts of ourselves.
Riding concentrates the mind moving you from mindlessness to mindfulness. You have to let go of thinking about the past or worrying about the future. You have to be present, here and now. Within a few miles of riding today, when I was crossing bridges and riding into the countryside a wave of gratitude swept over me. I was flooded with a warmth, like a slow spiritual anesthetic, and it helped heal my heart and soul, which had been a bit sore lately. It’s good to take a moment and take stock of all that we have now, not what we’ve lost, nor what is yet to be found. That’s down the road. May you ride with peacefulness and gratitude on your journey.

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