A Trip to the Mountains of North Georgia –Part One

I had a few days off from work, its autumn and the leaves are changing, so I loaded up Big Red and headed for the north Georgia mountains. As one would.
I’ve mentioned before in this blog that I don’t use GPS. Instead, I jot down route numbers and town names on a yellow sticky note and put it in a magnetic see through bag that clings to my gas tank. What could go wrong? You can guess. No matter how carefully I plan my route I always get lost once or twice. This past May while heading west-north-west, over a two day period I crossed the Mississippi River 5 times. Once would have been enough.
The most exciting getting lost part this time was when I was taking a shortcut and the road, Rock Creek, became narrower and narrower, houses scarcer and scarcer, and the woods darker and darker. I expected Red Riding Hood to show up at any moment. Suddenly, the road turned to dirt, rocks and gravel and began to resemble a boreen, a wee narrow unpaved road in Ireland. It was absolutely beautiful. Go back or go on?
What the hell, I thought. I’d never really tested the Road King, which weighs 731 pounds naked, right out of the shower, on this kind of surface. Big Red said to go ahead.
She handled it gracefully and we ended up doing about 3 miles before the road became paved again as it entered Fannin County (Those showoffs! Thanks, by the way). Somehow I managed to get on the highway I was looking for, GA 60 and the curves and sharp twists made it worthwhile. As I descended into Sucches I passed GA 180, known by some as The Wolf, and considered to be the curviest road in Georgia. That would have to wait for another day. For now it was time to stop at Two Wheels of Sucches for a few days of camping, solitude and time to write.

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