Tale of the Tail of the Dragon – Part One.

Tale of the Tail of the Dragon – Part One.

Looking forward to riding the dragon next week, well the tail of it anyway. Not sure where the whole dragon is but this part, called “The Tail of the Dragon”, is on the Tennessee border with North Carolina. It’s a two lane road that runs 11 miles (18 K) and has 318 curves all of which the rider hopefully will negotiate. Crashes and deaths are reported each year on the “Tail”, police and emergency vehicle stake it out daily. Folks come from all over the world to ride it. The advice I’ve received so far has been contradictory. My buddy Jeff who is accompanying me said to ride it at my own speed, whatever I’m comfortable and confident with. My buddy Ronny Parker says to ride it at 60-65 mph. I’ve known Jeff longer so I think I’m going to go with his advice. The “Tail” definitely looks challenging but then again I have ridden across America twice on some pretty diabolical back roads so I should be able to handle this one. I’ll let you know next week. Hopefully.

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