Day 20 Continued: Most Miles on This Trip – 521. 106 Degrees in Yuma, Blow Dryer Weather, Incredible Desert Colors, Prayer..

I am in my Motel 6 room in Casa Grande, Arizona drinking a Corona Beer and watching the news about USA soccer. And I got the room for $40! Cheapest room on the trip.
I am absolutely shattered from the ride today. Started well, early trip down the Pacific Coast Highway to San Diego. Beautiful views of the sea, temperature in the low 80’s. Sophisticated, respectable drive. Then heading over on the 805 to Interstate 8 and things begin to change. The temperature climbs and the road rises to 4000 feet. Then there was desert, and more desert. Hundreds of miles of desert and the heat rising. The max I saw today was 106. How does that feel? It feels as if someone has a huge blow drier and it’s turned to the highest setting on you. Lord, have mercy. About every hour or so I drank about 2 liters of water. Driving through the desert was amazing in that the scene changed so little: Mountains made of huge stones, ridges of sand and shadows, unpopulated farmland, sometimes 50 miles or more between gas stations. Then there would be wind farms, miles of windmills moving like synchronized swimmers.
The sun begins to set behind me and I can watch the dusty orange glow go down in my rear view mirror. The sky begins to change from mango to apricot to honey. Ahead to the east the sky is pink and gunmetal blue, the temperature drops and I feel as if I could ride on forever, but it starts to get dark so I settle instead of Casa Grande, instead of Tucson.
So here I am.
Anne Lamott says that the only prayers we need are these three: Help, Thanks, and Wow. Today was a very prayerful day.

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