Day 17: Hottest Ride, Los Angeles, No Interstate, 4146 miles, Family.

Last night, Linda the owner of Ray’s Den, and I swopped stories as we sat outside the motel rooms and watched the evening fall all shadowy and indigo about us. Highly recommend this place. If you’re ever in Independence California and need a place for the night, stop at Ray’s Den. Tell Linda, Gene sent you. You may have to pay more because of that but who cares?
It was only a nickel over 200 miles into LA so I thought this ride would be a piece of cake. After all, a couple of days before I’d done 480 miles. I went to the nice café a couple blocks down from Ray’s Den, had a good breakfast including a sausage omelet and two huge glasses of water and headed out.
I patted the side of Big Red and climbed on. Once again I had a magnificent ride along the Sierra Nevada, the mountains garlanded in snow, carrying, without boasting, a chiseled hugeness and grandeur. Imagine riding beside these mountains for 70 miles or so. Beautiful!
After 78 miles I stopped, gassed up and drank a bottle of iced tea. It was getting hotter. Managed only 50 more miles and already felt dehydrated. Stopped and drank another bottle. 30 more miles, another stop and two large glasses of iced tea at McDonalds. I was now 50 miles out from LA but I felt refreshed as I kept trying to figure out how I was going to get to North Hollywood without going on the interstate. Much harder than you might think! I jotted some ideas on a sticky sheet to insert into the window of my camera bag on my tank. Piece of cake. Well, after getting lost three times and worrying about the engine seriously overheating at all the traffic lights I finally made it my daughter and son in law’s apartment. Great reunion complete with their welcoming hospitality, Mexican beer and Chinese food.
Now, I plan to stay here for a while. I don’t plan to blog again till I’m back on the road. Stay tuned. Thanks for riding with me. This far!

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