Day 14: Horn Fixed, Vernal Brewing Company and Little B’s

I retraced the wiring on the horn and found a wire that had been detached and stripped. I tried my buddy Jeff Stafford’s usual repair process, a little spit, Juicy Fruit, and the Lord’s Prayer, but that didn’t work. So I stripped the wire, couldn’t get it to stay in the rubber thing a majig so I just attached it directly to the connector and it worked fine. Finished it off with a little Duct Tape, as one would. (It’s away from the engine but I have to check and make sure the Duct Tape doesn’t melt.)
Went over to the Vernal Brewing Company, had a decent lager and talked with a man and his son who were up fly fishing. He was from Chattanooga and the son, Texas. They do it ever year. We talked about that great novella, A River Runs Through It.
Then I stopped by Little B’s, a bar I had passed earlier that had some bikes outside. Seemed pretty much like a local crowd. The bar had movie posters on the walls, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Dustin Hoffman. Vinyl records and their album covers were attached to the wall. Other signs like Bathing Suits Optional were also displayed. Abundant were posters about “no fighting”. I watched as one of the bartenders stapled dollar bills to the ceiling. I ordered a locally made Hefe Weizen and it was good. I sat and watched the basketball game on TV.
I was about ready to leave when a man came up and asked me if that was my bike out there with the Georgia plates. I said it was. He asked where I lived and I said Rome, Georgia and he asked had I been to Panhead City? (A local bike repair shop). I hadn’t. He couldn’t believe that! So we had a big chat about me going to meet Chuck at Panhead City and what a great person he was. The man then told me his name was Tom and then the woman beside him decked out in black leather proffered her hand and said: And I’m Sam.” I learned a bit about their lives up here in Vernal. He gave me his card to show Chuck. We chatted for a while and then they wished me “safe riding”. I wished them that too. Isn’t that something we should all wish each other, because we’re all on a journey. I recalled a compliment one of my students who was graduating a few weeks ago gave me. She said: “Mr. Powers, one thing I learned from you is to just be patient and enjoy the ride.”

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