Day 14: Harley Fixed, Guy Lying on the Ground, Good Samaritan Stuff, Signs and Portents,

I managed to get the Harley fixed, if just for now. The worker at Beers Harley got out a socket wrench with an extension and tightened the bolts holding the exhaust on.He said the gasket or seal might need to be replaced. But I cranked her up and she sounded good even though the exhaust was still louder than normal. I’m not into loud pipes on bikes but I understand their point: Loud pipes save lives. Just don’t show off!
Big Red did beautifully today as we rode through some magnificent country. In the distance I could see bright, snowy, mountain peaks rising above the clouds that looked pale and washed out like a watercolor painting. Snow was all around but thank God, not on the road. I rode by high mesas and the road followed a beautiful meandering stream.
I needed a drink and pulled up at a McDonalds. There was a man lying on the ground with a coat over his head. I thought: well either you believe the Bible or you don’t. If you do you can’t walk past someone like this. We wouldn’t have the story of the Good Samaritan if he hadn’t stopped to help. Mark Twain once said something like: It’s not the parts of the Bible that I don’t understand that bother me it’s the parts of the Bible I do understand.
So I went up to the man and asked if he was okay. He said yes. I said did he need something to eat? He said “no, I’m waiting on my dad to pick me up. But hey, thanks for asking”.
Then there were the road signs. A picture of a deer on the yellow warning sign. Watch out! I’ve also seen signs for elk, longhorn sheep and, of course, cows. I like the cow warning. Cows take their time and you can negotiate with a cow, more than any other animal, because they’re so curious. In Ireland, when I lived there the sheep would hurry past but the cows would stop and look. I found that if you called them “Larry” they were much more likely to negotiate the king’s highway with you. Finally, I saw some signs that just said “game”. So I rode carefully looking for crossing x boxes, play stations and game boys.
I hope to write more tonight because I met some incredible people today. That happens when you ride a bike.

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