Day 13: Morning, Antlers Inn, Walden Colorado

7 am and I’m down for breakfast, still recovering. Part of the problem yesterday was that I’d ridden all the way to Estes Park Colorado when the sky broke and we had hail, thunder, rain and lightning. I hunkered down with a couple other bikers at a gas station until it passed. It took about 45 minutes. Then I rode up to the park gate only to find out that they had a sign announcing that the road I wanted was closed. I walked up to the ranger station who told me that they’d had snow and a rock fall up there and the road was impassible. He showed me an alternative route which meant backtracking 50 miles. I didn’t mind because I wasn’t in a hurry and I figured I was getting a divine message: Don’t go that way!
It’s just hard to imagine that driving for two hours through freezing weather, snow flurries and falling rocks was better. There was no town to stop in until I got to Walden and I was worried that if it got worse I was going to have to pitch camp somewhere.
But that’s enough about yesterday. I’ve got a couple of hours before it’ll be warm enough to leave. Then I’m heading to Steamboat Springs and toward Vernal Utah. Have to find some clamps or wire so I can fix a broken clamp on my exhaust before I go. Safe riding to all of you, whatever your ride.

2 thoughts on “Day 13: Morning, Antlers Inn, Walden Colorado

  1. Good call on the Divine message! I thought I highly recommended you take that day off to eat an Elk steak and some mountain oysters!

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