Day 13: Brief Update, Bike Problem, Steamboat Springs, Gorgeous Ride through Rockies

I am sitting in the sun outside a Starbucks drinking a vanilla latte while the sun is bearing down on me. This feels so good! Especially since I just completed a 60 mile cold ride across more of the Rockies, hitting a peak of over 10,000 feet and crossing the Continental Divide. It was a magnificent ride. Blue skies, gray white clouds on the horizon, snowy mountain peaks rising through the clouds. Snow all around. Saw a few guys with snowmobiles. Saw a fox, cows and longhorn cattle. Wow. I felt so grateful that I had this opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this ride. Thank you God!
Slight bike problem in the morning. A clamp on the exhaust had broken and it was a bit shaky.
I walked down to the auto parts store and it was closed for the holiday. So I walked back to the bike scanning the gutter and roadside for a piece of metal or wire that might do the trick. I found one and used it to hook onto the broken clamp and secure the exhaust. But I have another problem I can’t fix. The exhaust pipe is loose in another spot that I can’t figure out how to fix. Plus my horn has stopped working. I love my horn! I plan to hit the Harley Davidson shop in Vernal, Utah and see if I can get these things fixed.
For now I am happy sitting here letting the sun bear down on me. Greetings and blessings to you on this Memorial Day!


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