Day 12 Morning: Colorado! Rocky Mountain National Park, 12,183 feet.

I took US 85 south until I saw a bunch of bikes turning to my right at a road I was coming up to. Wonder where they’re going? Turned out they were heading the way I wanted to go, on Highway 14. I hadn’t been expecting the road so soon.
I turned and drove past them as they were parking in the small downtown of Ault. We waved.
Then I looked up ahead of me. Wow! Before me was the magnificent expanse of the Rocky Mountain National Park. I would be riding through there soon!
I’ll be taking Highway 36 and 34. Known as the Trail Ridge Road it runs from Estes Park to Grand Lake. The road reaches an elevation of 12, 183 feet (3713 m)! This will be the highest I’ve ever ridden and I’m curious and hopeful that Big Red can handle it okay. I am confident that she will!
Just a few days ago I was in Lead S.D. when the hailstorm hit. There was snow still on the ground in places and the elevation there was a mere 5210 feet.
Last year when Jeff and I were going cross country we went through Yosemite taking Tioga Pass road which peaks at just under 10,000 feet. So this will be an adventure.
I’m finishing up some coffee at McDonalds and ready to take off. The sky is pale blue and cloudy but the visibility is great.

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