Day 11: First Day Off, Still Cheyenne, Luxury Diner, Grits, a bit Lonely, Walking, No Helmet Laws, Captain America 2.

I had to take a day off. I was exhausted. When I got up this morning the laws of gravity had changed in my room. It was impossible to remain upright for very long. I had to lie back down. Up and down a few more times before I finally managed to head over to the Luxury Diner for breakfast. It’s been there since 1927 and the inside was originally an old street car. Best breakfast I’ve had so far on my trip. They even had grits! I came back to the motel room and gravity took over again. Later, a walk by small stream. 65 degrees today and there’s a zephyr of a wind blowing. Hope to be in Colorado tomorrow.
It was weird having a day off and I was feeling a bit funny. Then I realized that I missed my family and friends. 11 days was a long time for me to go without seeing anyone I knew. I figured the last time I did that was about 28 years ago when I moved to Wisconsin on my own. How about you?
When I realized this I felt better. I enjoy the traveling and being on my own and letting the Universe and Fate run into me. I’ll be seeing my daughter and son-in-law in about 5 days anyway. Anthony De Mello says that there’s not a single moment in life when you do not have everything you need to be happy. If you are unhappy it’s because you are focusing on what you do not have rather than what you do have. Almost every negative emotion is the result of an attachment. Makes sense to me.
Even though it’s not particularly safe I’ve enjoyed riding around today without my helmet. Wow, the feeling of the wind on your face and in your hair!
Anyway, I grabbed a slice of New York Pizza and forked over $3.50 to go see Captain America 2.
Back on the road early tomorrow but I hope to get some more grits at the Luxury Diner before I head out. Grits help keep deer away. Or so I’ve been told

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