Day 10: Close Call, Bad Zen, Cheyenne, Wyoming, Micro brewed beer.

Won’t write much tonight but hope to add more tomorrow. The close call happened while I was coming into Newcastle, Wyoming. I had passed all the deer warning signs and the coast looked clear until suddenly a big buck appeared running/crossing in front of me. I could hear his breathing, hoofs and his muscles moving. I slammed on the front and rear brake simultaneously and watched as he accelerated out of the way. I was stunned. I went into Newcastle and had a few cups of coffee to settle down. Yesterday, I saw the first live deer on my trip. I saw over 30 of them, but they were safely behind fences, except for a small band crossing the street well in front of me.
Bad Zen happens when you are thinking about Zen and what it means, instead of being in it. Thinking about Zen and what it means is not being in Zen. Before I encountered the buck I had been thinking about Zen, and various aspects of it. On my way to Cheyenne I centered more by repeating: “Be Here Now” as I scanned the roadside ahead for errant deer.
After about 300 miles I made it to Cheyenne. Checked into a funky old motel called The Sands. I rode my bike the mile into downtown, parked it and walked around. That’s when I ran into Tom and Brenda at the old train station bar. Incredibly kind and friendly people. We watched the Braves win over the Rockies and exchanged stories and then went down the street to the Freedom’s Edge microbrewery.

Here’s my route so far:


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