Day 7: Brief Philosophical Reflections. Feel free to skip!

You’ve already seen examples in this blog of some of the weird things I think about. Here are a few more.
Most of the time I try to stay in my senses when I’m riding.  The Zen thing – “Lose your mind and come to your senses.” But yesterday I came upon some notes I’d taken. I think they are from a James Hollis book.
Sometimes when I’m riding I meditate on things. I’ve got to go 235 miles on highway 20 today so I have plenty of time to think. These are the lines I’ve been thinking about.
“What is demanded that we may live life more fully? What does the psyche (soul) ask of me? The souls asks for 4 attitudes or practices from us.
1. Read the world around us with a spiritual eye.
2. Do our private work of personal growth.
3. Recall that our life is not a place but a journey, not an answer but a question.
4. Bless this fragile life just as we find it and be grateful for it: no matter what the suffering, the senselessness and the angst, there is always the soul and the self.”

From my journey to your journey – Namaste!( “I bow to the divine in you.”)

From a coffee shop in Valentine, Nebraska!

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