Day 5: The Beautiful Mississippi River, Across Iowa, Osceola, Mexican Food, Classic Car Show, 246 miles.

I caught glimpses of the Mississippi River as I rode yesterday and today. I’ve only crossed it 5 times on this trip, though I needed to only once. Two were mistakes and the other two were just to visit Illinois for fun. (You don’t hear the latter comment too often). I remember today coming up to the crest of a hill and there she was. Such a huge river. A train track ran alongside my road and I could smell a wood fire burning. It was beautiful. The river makes me think about the past and also the amazing possibilities of the future which are open to all of us. Go with the flow.
Took Highway 61 to Burlington Iowa and then Highway 34 across. Managed 260 miles today and I am worn out, sore and tired. I feel like I’ve been ridden hard and put up wet.
Found a nice Super 8 in Osceola and then down the street a great Mexican place was hosting a classic car show. Had a meal, a Dos Equis beer and wandered around talking to the car owners.
Rode around a bit without my helmet today. Not something I’ll continue but great to feel the wind in my hair. Safe riding.

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