Day 2: Simple pleasures, Hannibal Missouri, Mark Twain, Huck Finn and the Lamed Vov

Packed and Ready to Ride

Packed and Ready to Ride

Day 2: Simple pleasures, Hannibal Missouri, Mark Twain, Huck Finn and the Lamed Vov
Baths are great. I don’t do anything weird like candles and scented bath oils (I leave that to my normal riding buddy Jeff Stafford). I usually only take them when I’m on the road. They remind me of when I was a kid and things were simpler. Sometimes I’ll even turn the shower on and hide behind the plastic shower curtain and imagine I’m in one of those plastic tents I used to build in the backyard. Not much more than a sheet of plastic thrown over two sawhorses. Being outside in the rain was vastly superior to being inside with my two sisters and their Barbie dolls. Simple pleasures.
This morning the sky is blue and clear but it’s in the low 60’s and feels nippy. I’m waiting till after the morning rush hour before I head out. I managed to stay off the interstates for over 300 miles yesterday but that comes to an end this morning. Other than ferrying the bike across the Mississippi River I can’t see any other way of getting across other than interstate. When I reach the other side I hope to take Hwy 61 north, the great river road, but even then it disappears every now and again, as does Route 66, which I did last year. I’m heading toward St Louis and then Hannibal Missouri, but of course all that can change depending on what happens on the road. Hannibal is the birthplace of Mark Twain. If Huckleberry Finn was alive today he’d be riding a Harley Road King (like mine!).
The other day something weird popped into my head. It’s the story of the Lamed Vov, the 36 humble, righteous people who the fate of the world rests upon. God preserves the world on the basis of the actions of these 36 holy people, so humble, simple, content, grateful and kind that no one, not even them, thinks that they’re one of the 36. If we can’t be one, we can at least accept the challenge to try and live like one.
I’ll be thinking about that as I ride the Mississippi River Road.

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