Day 1: Hula girl, Yin Yang, St Columbanus and Motel 6

Day 1: Hula girl, Yin Yang, St Columbanus and Motel 6
Just got in to Memphis and I’m hunkered down at an old Motel 6. And yes, they kept the light on for me. Stopped at a Comfort Inn but they wanted over $120 for a room. Found this place just two miles away for just $53. And it even comes with a bottle opener attached to the wall. I’m trying my best to keep expenses down to $100 a day. Today I had the Over 55 breakfast at Krystal for $3.25. Gas/petrol was $36 and with the room that made $92.25. Other expenses put me up to around $104. Not bad.
Crazy ride today. Left Rome when it was about 75 degrees and now it’s 55. Went through sunny weather, rain and a thunderstorm. Still it was fun. So good to clear my mind and let go of things.
325 miles today without any real difficulties. Not surprising because I had good mojo working. I have hula girl on the bike again, in good shape. She had lost her grass skirt and I had to take one from a spare broken hula girl (I know, I know) and tidy her up. I also have a medal to protect me. St Columbanus, the patron saint of motorcyclists. Finally, I have a Yin Yang medal hooked on my right handlebar. So what could go wrong?
What I remember of today was the beautiful azure, cloudy sky when I left Rome. The magnolia trees and their white blossoms. Purple wildflowers, daisies, Mexican primroses by the road side as I flew past. Regal Live oaks. Then a violent thunderstorm, the sky gunmetal grey and thumping. I hightail it through the rain to the cover of a gas station.
Good trip so far. Grateful, thankful, prayerful.

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