Solo Cross Country Trip – 2014!

The pear trees are blooming white, the redbuds, a dark magenta and festive. Crosses are adorned with purple cloth. My buddy Pat Kelly is off alcohol for 40 days and in some corners people are wishing each other Chag Sameach (Joyous Festival). Sure signs that Spring, Lent and Passover are here. I wish that these are indeed joyous occasions for you all. And after the glorious dust from these settles (as dust must) it will again be time to spend some serious time planning my next motorcycle trip. I need to regain that mental peacefulness, the Zen mind that the road provides.
I’ve already begun to give it some thought. This year’s trip is going to be different. First of all, much to my regret, my buddy Jeff can’t go this year. Now sure if that’s a punishment for him or not; I knowed I ain’t the easiest riding partner. But Jeff’s got a great reason for wanting to stay. His daughter is expecting their first grandchild. It ain’t much of an excuse but I’ll let him back out anyway. I’ll be going on this trip alone.
Secondly, I’m not going to take any interstates on the way out, if I can avoid them. I want to take the old blue highways, named that from their color on the old maps. “On the old highway maps of America, the main routes were red and the back roads blue. Now even the colors are changing. But in those brevities just before dawn and a little after dusk—times neither day nor night—the old roads return to the sky some of its color. Then, in truth, they carry a mysterious cast of blue, and it’s that time when the pull of the blue highway is strongest, when the open road is beckoning, a strangeness, a place where a man can lose himself.” William Least Heat-Moon
Thirdly, the only destination that I have that is firm is that I need to be out in LA by the 12th of June, when my youngest boy Colin flies in for a visit with my daughter Hannah and son-in –law Bill. So, by the time I’m finished teaching around the 10th of May, I’ll have plenty of time to wander a good bit before I head over there. Right now I’m thinking of following the Mississippi River up from Memphis to Davenport, Iowa. Then, maybe head over to South Dakota. But I’m going to make up my mind each day depending on the stories I hear along the road, the omens I encounter and, basically, however I feel.
I hope that you will follow me on my adventures this year. Stay tuned.

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