Day 17: Hula Girl to the Rescue; Holbrook to Santa Fe, New Mexico

035Day 17:  Hula Girl to the Rescue; Holbrook to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Hula girl and a Statue of Baby Jesus.

 It’s 9 pm our time and I’m exhausted. So just a few notes. 300 miles today, which were relatively easy due to the lack of winds and an early start.  Leaving before 8am the sky was amazing. It was as if it was an “etch a sketch” toy but this time with a brilliant blue background and white lines. Contrails from jets traced lines across the sky. I saw three parallel lines. There’s a triangle and a trapezoid. Beautiful. 

I have to admit I was a bit dopey heading towards Santa Fe. I was daydreaming a lot, which is not a safe way to ride. But I made it. Beautiful town. I went to Cowgirls Bar and had Spanish food, which was excellent. I had an Estrella Damn beer which reminded me of baseball days with my son Colin Powers in Barcelona.

Jeff and I ate an excellent Spanish restaurant.

I had been annoyed that I no longer had a clock on my motorcycle since it had fallen off. I kept looking at the empty space longingly. Another clock? Not so easy to arrange. Then I remembered my old car in Ireland where I had a hula girl on the dashboard.  When I came to America I bought a hula girl for my jeep. So now, I decided to try and get one for the bike. I found one at Walmart, of course. I got one and it fit perfectly.

Ten miles outside of Santa Fe I noticed a spinning dust devil way off to the left. It was huge and I watched it from across the lanes. It wasn’t a threat. When I rode forward, the dust devil suddenly crossed into my lane. It stood there spinning. I braked and watched as its vortex spun into my lane. It was like a miniature tornado. Winds were spiraling in a circle, trash and rubbish was thrown against me. I slowed down initially and then floored it. I could feel the winds spinning around me, trash being thrown in a circle. I held on and rode away.

Now tomorrow we head toward Amarillo.  

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