Day 13 Continued: A Leak Appears

Day 13 Continued: A Leak Appears

I didn’t mention this in my previous post but after a long stop to refuel and rehydrate today I noticed a few wet spots on the asphalt under the bike. I didn’t want to see it. You know what I mean. Later, after we got to the hotel, Jeff and I checked the bike out. I lay down on the concrete next to the bike and started feeling around for the leak. I found it. Jeff gave me a tool and I tightened up a few bolts but I could tell that wasn’t going to solve it. So, it’s back to the Harley dealer again. The closest one is Jamestown about 50 miles up the road, the opposite direction we were heading. Doesn’t matter really. Since I lost my clock, time is no longer an issue. Should it ever be?

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