Count Down to May 10th Departure!

Three Weeks to Go Before We Head Off

And we’re making the final preparations. Follow us on our blog:

Here’s the schedule so far:

May 10th : Day 1 Rome/Acworth Georgia to Memphis, Tenn.

Day 2 Ft Smith, Arkansas

Day 3 Oklahoma City

Day 4 Amarillo, Texas / Tucumcari

Day 5 Gallup, New Mexico

Day 6 Sedona, Arizona

Day 7 Grand Canyon

Day 8 San Bernardino, Cal.

Day 9, 10, 11, Los Angeles area

Day 12, Monterey Bay

Day 13 Yosemite National Park

Day 14 Death Valley

Day 15 Las Vegas

 Day 16 Cedar City, Utah

 Day 17, 18 Santa Fe, New Mexico

 Day 19 Oklahoma City

 Day 20 Springfield Missouri

Day 21 Southern Illinois/ Tenn.

 Day 22 Home

 And our good buddy Kevin Grigsby is going to join us for some uproarious days in Santa Fe!

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