Considerations for The Road

-Ride at least as fast as other vehicles.
-Most jurisdictions allow 9 mph over the speed limit. However, some state troopers aren’t that considerate.
-Don’t let me lose sight of you in my rear view mirror, I worry easily.
-We shouldn’t have to find each other.
-When it says last chance for gas let’s top off.
-We will meet nice people that are interested in our motorcycles, where we’ve been, and where we’re headed. Anonymity and mystery are good.
-Stay well hydrated.
-Gene, remember to wear your “Depends”.
-The map is not the territory.
-If the bike begins to wobble, slow down.
-Trust our intuition.
-If a café offers mountain or desert oysters you should eat them.
-If one of us gets abducted by a UFO all bets are off.
-We should stay in at least one suspicious and seedy motel.
-Don’t try to get me to skinny dip in that lovely pool of water.
-When we find ourselves at a crossroads let’s stay true to our course.

(Likely to be continued…)

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