The Back Story

Gene and I are planning to depart Atlanta @May 15, 2013 for a cross country motorcycle trip.  Gene will be riding Big Red, a 2004 Harley Road King Classic.  Big Red used to be my motorcycle until it fell in love with Gene when he rode it during a trip to New Orleans.  When Gene relocated to the Atlanta area I let him keep and ride Big Red until one day Gene told me he wanted to own her.  That was fine with me because I was weary of being cheated on by my pal and best gal.  We agreed upon a price, exchanged paperwork, and I was sad.  I started looking for THE BIKE to replace Big Red and I found it in New Haven, CT via eBay.  My new bike is a 2005 CVO Electra Glide that is stark raving yellow and loaded.  It was important that my new bike be loaded (chrome, performance upgrades, dyno tuned, etc.) because I had loaded up Big Red and I didn’t feel up to loading up another bike.  I wish it known that I wasn’t in any hurry to name my new bike.  Gene kept bugging me about naming it and he started calling it, “Yella Fella”.  That name was like calling it “Toilet Water” so  I came up with the name “Sundance” because I knew the name would appeal to his romantic ideals.  I don’t call it Sundance or any other name but I let him call my bike by that name so he’ll be happy and leave me alone about it.

Gene and I share the love of riding our motorcycles: the smells, fluctuations in temperature, the sense of flight and freedom, and most important the golden glow of gratitude while thanking our higher power for allowing us to experience His magnificent creation and beauty.  I meditate, entranced while I ride.  Happiness, freedom, and joy.  Once we both had bikes the next shift was towards road trip, cross country.


Our plan is to be gone about three weeks.  We want to head west on and around I 40, riding as much of the remainder of Rt 66 that is able ridden until we arrive at the Pacific Ocean.  I used to travel  with my family from southern California to Arkansas and back via Rt 66 durning the 50’s and 60’s and I am looking forward to riding through that part of the country again.  Gene has never been to the Grand Canyon and riding there is a priority.  I’d like to cut south from I 40 through the Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, and spend a day at Sedona, AZ.  From Sedona we’ll head north to the Grand Canyon, ride the rim road, and head west on what looks to be a solid stretch of RT 66 to Kingman, AZ.  From there we’ll follow any remnants of Rt 66 to the Pacific.   I’m thinking that termination of our western journey at the Pacific at the Santa Monica pier feels right because Rt 66 used to end there.  My only concern about stopping at the Santa Monica pier is that Gene will likely want to ride the merry go round, eat cotton candy, and shop for starfish key chains, for hours.  We have roads to ride!  We’ll turn right heading north on the Pacific Coast Highway. 

2 thoughts on “The Back Story

  1. That’s my buddy Jeff. Always ready with the wry observation, the witty remark and the disparaging comment! Who doesn’t like cotton candy and merry go rounds? Starfish key chains remind me of the Starfish Story! This trip is going to be fun!

    • My wry observations, witty remarks, and disparaging comments are character defects that I am not proud of. I too love merry go rounds; when I worked at an Atlanta amusement park I would take my breaks at the merry go round and become enchanted with the magical smiles, blaring calliope, and the sweet pink cloud of cotton candy held in my hand. I wouldn’t want to leave the moment. Perhaps I was projecting? I love you, bud.

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